Clash Discs

Clash Discs is a Finnish disc manufacturer founded in 2021 and it already has six PDGA approved disc models – Popcorn, Mint, Berry, Mango, Ginger and Pepper. All six models are currently available in Steady plastic. 

Steady plastic is a soft premium (resistant to wear) feeling plastic with great grip. It feels very similar to Kastaplast’s K1 plastic. There was little or no change in the flight pattern of the discs after our short testing period.

Hardy plastic is a stiffer more baseline style plastic than Steady. It has a different feel than most putter plastic and the closest comparison is Prodigy’s ACE Line BaseGrip and then Dynamic Discs’ Classic. This plastic will beat in a little faster than Steady plastic. As it beats in, the Hardy plastic gets a little softer and grippier in feel.

Here is what our Ace Runners staff had to say about these discs after testing them in Steady plastic and testing the Popcorn in both Steady plastic and Hardy plastic (we received a few Hardy Prototype Popcorns).

Popcorn [Speed: 3 l Glide: 3 l Turn: 0 l Fade: 1] is a stable putting putter. It has a similar feel to Innova’s Aviar, Discmania’s P2 and EV-7’s Phi, with a little deeper rim than those three molds. Its rounded edge makes this disc very comfortable in the hand. The stability does lead to a hyzer finish at the end of a putt. Throwing this putter in Steady plastic is really where this putter shines. The Popcorn is a very straight, slightly faster throwing putter with a surprising amount of glide. It stays on the line you throw it on, with only a slight bit of fade at the end of its flight. Compared to its Steady counterpart, the Hardy Popcorn has a slight turn at the beginning of its flight with a reliable fade back to center at the end. This is a much straighter version of the Popcorn for putting. Someone who is looking for a good feeling straight putter that can also be thrown for upshots doesn’t need to look any further – the Hardy Popcorn is a very versatile disc.

Mint [Speed: 4 l Glide: 3 l Turn: 0 l Fade: 3] is an overstable throwing putter. It has a similar feel to Westside’s Harp and Discraft’s Zone. It is a very fast putter and at low speeds the fade is extreme – great for getting around trees or for those short shots that need to fade hard and quick. Throwing this putter at high speed shows off its torque resistance and decent glide. The Mint is easy to throw but still has a consistent and hard fade at the end of its flight. This is a great utility disc for headwinds.

Berry [Speed: 5 l Glide: 5 l Turn: -1 l Fade: 1] is a slightly understable midrange, with a nice, rounded feel. This mold feels different than Innova’s Mako3 and Kastaplast’s Svea but has a very similar flight as those two molds. This disc has a very straight flight for all skill levels and can be thrown at full power to get a slight turn and fade. Just like the Popcorn, the Berry has a ton of glide. This is a very beginner friendly disc but would also have a place in an experienced player’s bag.

Mango [Speed: 5 l Glide: 4 l Turn: 0 l Fade: 4] is an overstable midrange with a shallower and faster feel than most midranges. This mold feels different than Innova’s RocX3 or Axiom’s Pyro but has a very similar flight as those two molds. This disc has a very straight initial flight for all skill levels, but once this disc slows down it fades hard. Just like the Berry, the Mango has a ton of glide. This disc would have a place in a beginner’s or an experienced player’s bag as a glidey and fast midrange that has a very reliable fade. The speed and torque resistance would make this disc great in headwinds. This midrange complements the Berry.

Ginger [Speed: 9 l Glide: 4 l Turn: 0 l Fade: 2] is an overstable driver that fades hard. This mold feels different than Innova’s Thunderbird but has a very similar flight pattern. This disc may not have as much glide as some of Clash’s other molds, but it has a straight initial flight, with a hard reliable fade at the end with the correct arm speed. This would be a very forehand friendly disc or an extremely controllable disc for a more powerful backhand. This may not be the best disc for lower arm speeds as it will start to fade early in the flight if it does not have enough speed or spin.

Pepper [Speed: 11 l Glide: 5 l Turn: 0 l Fade: 4] is an exceptionally overstable driver and fades hard. The Pepper may not be a go to distance driver, but it can be a great utility disc to get you out of sticky situations and is an over-hand thrower’s dream. Even though this disc won’t go far it is super consistent with an extreme amount of fade. For such an extremely overstable disc, the Pepper has a slight bit of dome and a great feel in the hand with a shallower rim. You will need a good amount of power to get a full flight out of the Pepper. This is a disc for extreme headwinds or to use as a utility disc.

Like many European brands, the stock stamp for the Clash discs are clean and simple. If you are looking for discs with more design, Clash Discs has a Nikko Locastro Signature Line which currently includes Popcorn, Mint and Ginger. Nikko Locastro, who throws a mixed bag which includes discs from Gateway Disc Sports, has signed a one-year contract to also represent Clash Discs for the 2022 season.

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