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Zuca's Only Official Outdoor Performance Line Dealer in Canada

We are pleased to announce that Ace Runners Disc Golf is now an authorized dealer for Zuca.  What does this mean for you?  More choice!  We can buy all disc golf carts and accessories, available in a wide range of colours, manufactured by Zuca.  Choice is marvelous for those of us who want to be able to spot our cart more easily.  After all, an orange Zuca cart or a cart decked out with a flashy colour putter pouch or seat cushion is likely to be highly visible among the black carts (black was the only available option in Canada for a while).

For those of you who are tired of lugging your backpack around, we have the following disc golf carts in various colours in stock:

Note that the EZ Cart is only available as a Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by Zuca which we will have in stock soon.


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