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MVP Dis Sports Tri-Lit LED Lights

MVP ---- LEDs

$3.19 CAD

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Improved Tri-Lit LED Lights by MVP Disc Sports.  These familiar micro LED units are designed to be taped to the center of a disc for night play, but can be used in a variety of creative ways.  A button located in the center of the LEDs under the printed MVP logo circuit cover switches power on/off.  This Multicolor model auto-cycles beautifully through a range of vibrant color and flash modes using blends of its three LED lights. Multiple Tri-Lit units can be attached to a disc for more light and cool effects, and as long as they are symmetrically positioned, the disc will fly properly.

Adhesive not included - users are advised not to remove the printed circuit cover, and we recommend using heavy-duty strapping or duct tape to secure the unit to the disc.

 Single colors have 4 modes:

  1. Fast blink
  2. Slow blink
  3. Steady on
  4. Off

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