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Ace Runners Discmania inventory Update

Ace Runners has just finished inputting a large order of Discmania discs into our system. We added stock of every disc in every weight range that Discmania had available to order. Included in this update is the Metal Flake C-Line DD2. Produced only once before in 2011, Discmania has been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to make these again for everyone. Discmania did their best to create something that flies true to the runs of DD2 that players like best. Though these bad boys still need a fairly stiff throw to get the desired result, you will find that this blend is slightly more understable than the latest C-Line runs.

We have also brought in a number of the Eagle McMahon signature Glow P Line P2 Imperial Eagle and Simon Lizotte signature Glow C Line MD4 Crescent Falcon.

As the Discmania Slogan says "Reinvent your Game" and try some of the great Discmania that we have available.