BC’s Drive to qualify as a Provincial Sport Organization

Some of you may know that:

  1. The British Columbia Disc Sports Society (“BCDSS”) is a registered British Columbia non-profit society;
  2. BCDSS is striving for a membership base of 1,000 disc golf players by September 28, 2019;
  3. 1,000 members is required before BCDSS can apply to become an accredited Provincial Sport Organization (“PSO”);
  4. becoming an accredited PSO means BCDSS can apply for $15,000 - $25,000 in annual grant funding for our sport to grow our sport;
  5. most of BCDSS’s members are members of local disc golf clubs who play in weekly doubles and/or tag matches; and
  6. most people who play disc golf are not members of a local club; they play with friends for fun and competition and many of these players are our valued customers.

We would like to support BCDSS’s drive of 1,000 members by creating a “Club Ace Runners” for all of you who play disc golf.  There is no cost for you to join.  For our customers who live in BC, by joining Club Ace Runners, you are giving us permission to forward your first and last name, date of birth, and address to BCDSS so that BCDSS can add you as a registered member.

To join, please click the link below and provide your first and last name, date of birth, and address.  Everyone who joins will have the option at a later date of purchasing a Club Ace Runners mini (PLEASE NOTE 2020 minis are now sold out but we will order more for 2021 these minis will once again be created by a local artist. We will send an email in early 2021 when the minis are ready.)

Please note that we have created “Club Ace Runners” specifically to help BCDSS.  If you reside in another province/territory, you are of course welcome to join.  If your province/territory would like our assistance in building a player membership list, please contact service@acerunners.ca

For those of you interested, this link https://www.viasport.ca/partners/pso-and-dso lists the accredited PSO’s in BC.  We hope to see disc golf added in the near future.

2021 Custom Mini's will be available in early 2021

Yours truly,

Ace Runners