″First in Disc Golf″

Ed Headrick created the first disc golf company, Disc Golf Association (DGA), in 1976 to popularize the game he coined "disc golf". In 1977, Ed and his son Ken trademarked the "Disc Pole Hole", a catching device with hanging rows of chain that could catch a disc thrown from all directions. Ed also created the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) to formalize the rules and standards for the sport. He was PDGA member number 001.

Today DGA manufactures permanent course baskets as well as portable and practice baskets. Its line of discs are manufactured by Discraft in the following plastic types:

  • D-Line: Economical plastic blend.
  • RDGA Line: Light weight plastic blend weighing in at 150 grams.
  • DGA Signature Line: Unique flexible rubbery plastic.
  • ProLine: Premium plastic blend. 
  • SP Line: Premium translucent plastic blend that will take a little longer to beat in than ProLine.

For more information about DGA, see their website here.

October 2021