First Discs for Ultimate Players

If you are an Ultimate player and wish to purchase a starting set of golf discs, the choices may seem overwhelming. Just like ball golf, discs are categorized into putters, midranges, fairways and drivers, and discs will fly differently based on their stability. See here for more information about disc categories, flight patterns, plastics and weights.

Ultimate discs are large diameter discs with a rounded rim and weigh 175 grams; they are slower speed discs with a lot of glide, fair amount of turn, and minimal fade; they don't need to be thrown hard to fly far and they fly fairly straight. This means you may be more comfortable trying discs that feel and fly similar to an Ultimate disc if you want a quick transition to disc golf.

Putters fit into this category because of their low speed rating and rounded edge. There are many many putters to choose from. We suggest you choose a putter that feels good in your hand. If you want a lid-like putter that feels like a Ultimate disc, try the Latitude 64 Dagger or RPM Ruru.

If you want a disc to travel further, we suggest you try a neutral to understable midrange weighing about 175 grams such as the Kastaplast Svea, Latitude 64 Fuse, Innova Mako3.

For your first driver, try 7 to 9 speed fairway drivers in weights under 170 grams such as the Discmania FD, Innova Valkyrie, Kastaplast Falk, Latitude 64 River, Thought Space Athletics Mantra.

*Note that we have not included any Discraft discs because they have not been readily available since Spring 2021.