This is not an exhaustive list. Includes new, high demand, out of stock and low stock items. Does not include Discraft since Discraft ships only a handful of some molds at their choosing once a month. See also our Coming Soon Collection.

SHIPPED DATE (ETA: 1-2 wks) 


May 26, 2022 Discmania C-Line DD3
May 26, 2022 DD Wysocki Orbit Slammer
May 23, 2022 RPM restock
May 19, 2022 MVP/Axiom/Streamline restock including Fission Crave and Octane, Neutron Jet, Proton Lift, Dyer's Inertia and Insanity, disc sets, etc.
May 17, 2022 L64 Kristin Tattar Orbit Grace