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Listed below by date are items that we have added to our online inventory:

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Date Vendor Model Additional Details
14-Jul Innova viper  
14-Jul Innova VRoc  
14-Jul Innova TL3  
14-Jul Innova TL  
14-Jul Innova wedge  
14-Jul Innova Wahoo  
14-Jul Innova vulcan  
14-Jul Innova whale  
14-Jul Innova wolf  
14-Jul Innova Wombat3  
13-Jul Innova Shark3  
13-Jul Innova teebird  
13-Jul Innova thunderbird  
13-Jul Innova tern  
13-Jul Innova Roc  Rancho
13-Jul Innova Sidewinder  
13-Jul Innova Stingray  
13-Jul Innova Nova  
13-Jul Innova Orc  
13-Jul Innova Roc Glow
13-Jul Innova Rhyno  
13-Jul Innova Roc3  
12-Jul innova Lion  
12-Jul innova mamba  
12-Jul innova manta  
12-Jul innova Mirage  
12-Jul innova Mystere  
12-Jul innova Leopard  
11-Jul Innova Destroyer Star Gate
11-Jul Innova Aviar Nexus Jessica Weese
11-Jul Innova Xcaliber  Ellen Widboom
11-Jul Innova dart  
11-Jul Innova deadalus  
11-Jul Innova Colt  
11-Jul Innova destroyer Star
11-Jul Innova caiman  
11-Jul Innova Colossus  
11-Jul Innova corvette  
11-Jul Innova Katana  
11-Jul Innova gator  
11-Jul Innova Firestorm  
11-Jul Innova Dominator  
5-Jul Innova Roadrunner  
6-Jul Innova Roc  
7-Jul Innova Shryke  
4-Jul Innova Valkyrie  
5-Jul Innova Teebird3  
4-Jul Innova Mako3  
4-Jul Innova Leopard3  
4-Jul Innova Firebird  
4-Jul Innova Eagle  
4-Jul Innova Destroyer  
4-Jul Innova Wraith   
3-Jul Innova Aviar X3  
3-Jul Discmania Method  
3-Jul Innova Aviar 3  
3-Jul Innova Boss  
3-Jul Innova Birdie  
3-Jul Innova Beast  
3-Jul Innova aviar KC Pro  
3-Jul Innova Aviar JK Pro  
3-Jul Innova Aviar Yeti Pro  
3-Jul Innova Aviar  
3-Jul Discmania Sun Bird  
3-Jul Discmania Sea Serpent  
3-Jul Innova archon  
3-Jul Innova ape  
3-Jul Innova Archangel  
3-Jul Innova aviar glow
2-Jul Innova Xcaliber   
2-Jul Innova  Pig  
2-Jul Latitude 64 Pure  
2-Jul Discmania Spring Ox  
2-Jul Latitude 64 Bolt  
2-Jul Latitude 64 Dagger  
2-Jul Latitude 64 Explorer  
2-Jul Latitude 64 Fury  
2-Jul Latitude 64 saint  
2-Jul Discmania DD3  
2-Jul Innova Wraith  Madison Walker
2-Jul Dynamic Discs Maverick  
2-Jul Dynamic Discs getaway  
2-Jul Dynamic Discs Captain  
2-Jul Dynamic Discs Raider  
2-Jul Westside Sampo  
2-Jul Westside Destiny  
2-Jul Innova Eagle Barsby
2-Jul Discmania  DD3 Cloudbreaker
2-Jul Gateway Little Wizard  
2-Jul Gateway Wizard  
2-Jul Gateway Magic  
2-Jul Gateway Magic Super Glow
1-Jul Gateway Wizard Super Glow
1-Jul Innova  Dragon  
1-Jul DGA Steady BL  
1-Jul Discraft Zombee  
1-Jul Discraft Zone