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Listed below by date are items that we have added to our online inventory:

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Date Vendor Model Additional Details
22-May Innova Savant  
22-May Innova Shark  
22-May Innova Teebird  
22-May Innova Shryke  
22-May Innova TL  
22-May Innova Skeeter  
22-May Innova Spider  
22-May Innova Starfire  
22-May Innova Stingray  
22-May Innova Teebird3  
22-May Innova Stud  
22-May Innova teebird  
22-May Innova Tern  
22-May Innova Thunder Bird  
22-May Innova Valkryie  
22-May Innova Viking  
22-May Innova Vroc  
21-May Innova Wraith   
21-May Innova Wedge  
21-May Innova wolf  
21-May Innova Mako3  
21-May Innova Katana  
21-May Innova Hydra  
21-May Innova Colossus  
21-May Innova Corvette  
21-May Innova Eagle  
21-May Innova Firebird  
21-May Innova Gator  
21-May Innova Destroyer  
21-May Innova Deadalus  
21-May Innova Dart  
21-May Innova Colt  
21-May Innova Cobra  
21-May Innova Cheetah  
21-May Innova Boss  
21-May Innova Birdie  
21-May MVP Photon  
21-May MVP Tesla  
21-May MVP Tangent  
21-May MVP Servo  
21-May MVP Resistor  
21-May MVP Relay  
20-May Innova Beast  
20-May Innova Aviar X3  
20-May Innova Aviar Yeti Pro  
20-May Innova Aviar Classic  
20-May Innova Archon  
20-May Innova aviar  
20-May Innova Lion New
20-May Innoav Atlas  
20-May Innova Archangel  
20-May Gateway Stash Mini pouch
20-May MVP Wave  
20-May MVP Volt  
20-May Axiom Insanity  
20-May Axiom Wraith   
20-May Axiom Vanish  
20-May Axiom Proxy  
20-May Axiom Envy  
20-May Axiom Defy  
20-May Axiom Crave  
20-May Innova Avier KC Pro
20-May Axiom Clash  
18-May MVP Octane  
18-May MVP Catalyst  
18-May MVP Inertia  
18-May MVP Motion  
18-May MVP Anode  
18-May MVP Atom  
18-May MVP Volt Glow
18-May MVP Tangent Glow
18-May Innova Nova  
18-May Innova  Rhyno  
16-May Streamline Pilot  
16-May Streamline Lift May 17th
16-May Discmania PD  
16-May Discmania TD  
16-May Innova  Destroyer DX
16-May Discmania PD2  
16-May Discmania P2  
16-May Discmania P1  
16-May Discmania MD3  
16-May Discmania MD5