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Newly Restocked


Listed below by date are items that we have added to our online inventory:

Date Vendor Model Additional Details
19-Mar dynamic discs Recoil first run
19-Mar westside Gatekeeper first run
19-Mar westside Harp  
19-Mar dynamic discs Pioneer first run
19-Mar Latitude 64 Guard first run
19-Mar westside Ahti  
19-Mar Westside Destiny  
19-Mar Innova Aviar Galactic Pro Tour
19-Mar Innova Wraith  Martin Hendel
19-Mar Innova Wahoo Blizzard
19-Mar Innova Jennifer Allen 2019 Tour Teebird
19-Mar Innova Gator 3  
18-Mar Innova Sonic GG Star Sonic
14-Mar Prodigy M3 Kevin Jones Spectrum
14-Mar Prodigy D1 Max  
14-Mar Prodigy D1  
13-Mar Prodigy D2  
13-Mar Prodigy D3  
13-Mar Prodigy D6  
13-Mar Prodigy F1  
13-Mar Prodigy F2  
12-Mar Prodigy F3  
12-Mar Prodigy F5  
12-Mar Prodigy F7  
12-Mar Prodigy H1v2  
12-Mar Prodigy H2  
12-Mar Prodigy H2v2  
12-Mar Prodigy H3  
12-Mar Prodigy H3v2  
12-Mar Prodigy H4  
12-Mar Prodigy M1  
12-Mar Prodigy M2  
12-Mar Prodigy M3  
12-Mar Prodigy M4  
12-Mar Prodigy PA1 Full Restock
11-Mar innova Thunderbird  
11-Mar innova Orc  
11-Mar innova Mako3  
11-Mar innova Eagle  
11-Mar innova Sidewinder  
11-Mar innova Destroyer  
11-Mar innova Roadrunner Barsby
11-Mar innova Leopard3  
11-Mar innova Leopard  
11-Mar innova Aviar  
11-Mar innova TL3  
11-Mar Kastaplast Grym Glow X out
11-Mar Prodigy PA2 Full Restock
11-Mar Kastaplast Gote Mint first run small restock
11-Mar Discmania FD Glow Night Strike II
10-Mar Prodigy PA3 Glow
8-Mar Innova Firebird Sexton
8-Mar Kastaplast Göte Glow
8-Mar Kastaplast Göte  
8-Mar Prodigy PA3 Full Restock
7-Mar Prodigy X5 Full Restock
7-Mar Prodigy X4 Full Restock
7-Mar Prodigy X3 Full Restock
7-Mar Prodigy X2 Full Restock
7-Mar Prodigy PA4 Full Restock
7-Mar Discraft Zone  
7-Mar Discraft Zombee  
7-Mar Discraft Undertaker  
7-Mar Discraft Surge SS  
7-Mar Discraft Sting  
7-Mar Discraft Predator  
6-Mar Discraft Nuke OS  
6-Mar Discraft Nuke  
6-Mar Discraft Magnet  
6-Mar Discraft Heat  
6-Mar Discraft Crank Glow
6-Mar Discraft Force  
6-Mar Discraft Flick