Ace Runners Disc Golf was born in 2015 to satisfy our community’s need for a reliable disc golf supplier. We started out bringing discs to tournaments in the Greater Vancouver area and beyond, loading up our truck and setting up tents at every tournament we could reach. We were able to meet thousands of disc golf enthusiasts, play amazing new courses, and slowly begin to grow our business. As we travelled farther and farther for tournaments, we realized that we needed another way to get disc golf supplies to communities we couldn’t reach. With this in mind, our online store was born. 

From the beginning, we have always focused on customer service and supporting our community. We have run tournaments, sponsored players through our Team Ace Runners (2022 update: we have a new program here that has replaced our Team Ace Runners), and supported countless different clubs and tournaments across Canada through our tournament sponsorship program. We have also invested our time into volunteering with our local clubs and provincial association as we push the growth of disc golf in BC. Thanks to all of the people we have worked with, we have been able to grow our business primarily through word of mouth. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a simple, straightforward way of finding discs. We understand that buying discs can be hard when you aren’t able to pick them up and feel them, so we have tried to give our customers as much information as possible when shopping on our website. This is why, after consultation with our customers, we started weighing our discs and including that weight in their individual photos (see here for more information). As the first store in Canada to implement these processes, we are proud to see other stores copying our methods; it shows that we are on the right path to helping disc golfers get the discs they need. 

Since Spring of 2020, there has been a huge influx of new disc golf players. This has been amazing for the growth and popularization of the sport, as more and more municipalities have chosen to set aside land and funding for new disc golf courses. However, the downside is that disc manufacturers cannot keep up with demand. There are certain discs that we just cannot get in and getting a variety of plastics and weights has been a major struggle. We hope that the manufacturers will be able to catch up to demand sooner rather than later, as it’s hard to recommend discs with such a small selection. 

The good news is, more players means that standalone, brick-and-mortar stores (like us!) can survive. Some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves over the last 6 years are these: How do you grow a sport when so few retail stores carry a proper selection of discs, catering to both beginners and advanced players? The answer is simple: you build the store. We are grateful that more and more retail stores are setting aside shelf space for discs, so people can touch and feel the discs that we know they will love. For us, it means building a dedicated brick-and-mortar disc golf store, where players can access a wide variety of discs, gear, accessories, and the knowledge of our staff to help them create and fill their bags. Having a standalone disc golf store in the commercial zone of Langley, British Columbia means that disc golf has arrived and is here to stay, and we hope to continue to be part of disc golf’s amazing journey and growth.

John Gould-Thorpe, August 2021