School Bulk Orders Policy

We offer bulk discounts on orders for schools. Note that these orders must be a minimum of 25 discs.


We generally recommend that schools start with Innova DX putters equal to the number of students who would participate at any one time slot. Most schools start with 2-3 sets of 25-30 putters (enough to support 2 -3 classes) and enough to allow for equipment to be cleaned between different user groups. 


For baskets, your best options are fold up baskets or solid baskets.

Solid Baskets: We generally recommend a medium grade basket such as the Innova Sport 24. This basket requires some simple tools to assemble and disassemble; it would normally stay assembled and require a dedicated storage space. Your second options for a solid basket is the MVP Black Hole or Discraft Chainstar Lite. These baskets are a lighter duty basket but still perform well as long as they are not treated too roughly; they can be quickly assembled and disassembled with no tools so they take less room for storage and transport.

Fold Up Baskets: There are a few different options from Innova and DGA; they are all similar in design and price. We rotate our stock based on availability from the manufacturers.

Custom Stamped Discs

If you wish to make your disc golf package a little more unique to your school, you can order custom stamped discs with your school logo or crest.  The turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks. There is an added cost of about $100 per order for the custom stamp plate. If you need graphics to be created for your stamp plate we can recommend a local graphic designer who is experienced in this area to avoid the inevitable adjustments that are needed when working with a graphic designer not experienced with the design requirements for disc golf discs. We also offer some sponsorship options to offset custom costs. Please note that the cost per disc will be a little higher for custom stamped discs.