Forehand/Sidearm Basics

Fix Your Disc Golf Forehand Throw with Danny Lindahl (May 2020) - A beginner's guide to throwing the forehand - grip, technique, disc selection and shot selection.

The Most Important Part of Throwing Sidearm with Scott Stokely (April 2019) - Scott Stokely emphasizes the importance of generating spin in a forehand shot.

How to Throw a Forehand/Sidearm (April 2020) - JustDisc talks about the why and how of the forehand and likens it to skipping rocks.

Nate Sexton Disc Golf Clinic - Sidearm (March 2018) - Nate Sexton teaches about his sidearm throw - focusing on grip, form, angle, and more.

Eagle McMahon's Sidearm Clinic and Form Breakdown (March 2020) - Eagle MaMahon breaks down his forehand in detail.