Axiom - Virus (Proton)

Axiom - Virus (Proton)

Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -3.5 | Fade 1
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Speed: 9 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -3.5 | Fade: 1 

The Virus is Axiom's easiest to throw distance driver. It has a glide and responsive understability that keeps it in the air. Power throwers will be able to flex huge turnovers with straight forward fade. Average throwers will be able to extend and shape lines using the Virus turn and gentle fade.

CLASS 18.5mm Distance Drivers
WEIGHTS 155g - 175g
RIM WIDTH 18.5mm


The defining characteristic of the Virus’ flight is a steady turnover tendency with forward fade. This can be manipulated by more skilled throwers, or used for distance advantage by lower-powered throwers.

Power throwers will find the Virus useful in tailwinds and for long hyzerflip to turnover shots. Powered-down and standstill shots benefit from the low speeds required for a straight Virus flight. Height can be manipulated with the Virus for high flexing distance lines, or low ceiling shots at smoother throwing speeds.

  • Proton is MVP Disc Sports' durable plastic in translucent colours designed to withstand the roughest conditions.

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