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DGA Breaker D Line SP Line Pro Line RDGA D ProLine Putter

DGA - Breaker

($18.75 CAD-$19.64 CAD)
$18.75 CAD

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The Breaker is an overstable putt and approach disc that is also great for midrange shots and will predictably “break” for the basket as desired. The disc’s low flat profile combined with the EZ Grip top will make it a natural fit in your hand and earn your trust within the first few throws. Great in wind, this disc will be your go-to disc for many conditions and situations.

D-Line plastic will have superior grip and will achieve its intended flight characteristics earlier in its lifespan than in SP or ProLine plastic. RDGA plastic will also have superior grip and is perfect for beginners because it is 150 grams in weight. Try one today and take your mid-range game to the next level!


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