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This disc golf set from Discmania (made in Sweden) comes with 3 GEO Line Evolution discs that are well suited for beginner to intermediate play.  All discs included are PDGA approved. 

About GEO Line: This is the first release of the new GEO plastic - affordable, easy to throw, and able to handle moderate wear and tear on the course. 

Disc weights (mostly max weights to 175 grams) and colours will vary.

Discs Included:

  • Geo Essence (Fairway Driver)
  • Geo Origin (Midrange)
  • Geo Link (Putter)

About the Essence:
The Essence is the do-it-all fairway driver in the Evolution line up. Given the understable nature of the Essence, this disc is best suited for players looking for their first distance driver, backhand or smooth forehand throws, tailwinds, and excellent rollers.

Speed: 8   Glide: 6   Turn: -2   Fade: 1

About the Origin:
The Origin is fairly understable at high speeds, making a perfect ally for long turnovers and precise, laser straight lines when thrown with control.. 

Speed: 5   Glide: 5   Turn: -1   Fade: 1

About the Link:
The Link is a beaded putter and has a stable flight for a putter, able to take large amounts of spin without getting floaty and able to glide to the basket without fading out too soon. 

Speed: 2   Glide: 3   Turn: 0   Fade: 1

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