Discmania Evolution - Essence (Geo)

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The Essence is the do-it-all fairway driver in the Evolution line up. Given the understable nature of the Essence, this disc is best suited for players looking for their first distance driver, smoother forehand throws, improved backhand or tailwind throws, and excellent rollers. We expect that not only beginner and novice throwers will appreciated this disc, many pros out there will also take a liking to this disc quickly.

The rounded semi-blunt nose of the disc allows for fantastic rollers and controlled backhand or forehand throws when you need it most. If you find yourself on a technical hole out on the links, you’ll reach for the Essence!

Geo plastic is a slightly less durable and grippy plastic compared to Exo. Think of it as a D-Line relative.

Speed: 8  Glide: 6   Turn: -2   Fade: 1


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