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Discmania - Link

Discmania - Link

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Discmania - Link

The Link is a little shallower then the P2 and with a bead. These are two features that we’ve heard quite often from fans of the P2. The Link provides both in a single package. It fits very comfortably in the hand and provides a flight for beginners and pros alike.

The Link comes in two plastics: Soft Exo and Hard Exo. Soft Exo will have a little more give on the flight plate which allows you to really dig into the putter. A nice combination of comfort and grip. Hard Exo on the other hand will hold it’s shape, but still has a soft velvet like feel to the plastic. If you like a little extra pop off the fingers, Hard Exo is the choice for you.

In the circle, the Link has a nice stable flight. It can handle spin, but won’t get away from you. The glide is there, but it won’t sail away on you. You can really aim right for the heart of the chains and have confidence the Link will travel on the line you release it on.

As a thrower, the Link will have a very straight flight with a predictable fade at the end. It isn’t overly strong, but it will finish with a little movement instead of just settling down on it’s own. If you need a little hyzer or anhyzer, it will react to anything you give it. Control will be quite high with the Link. Have confidence in the Link and it will reward you.

Speed: 2  Glide: 3   Turn: 0   Fade: 1


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