Discraft - Magnet (Putter Line)

Discraft - Magnet (Putter Line)

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn -1 | Fade 1
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Speed: 2  |  Glide: 3  |  Turn: -1  |  Fade: 1

The Discraft Magnet has been a staple putter in Discraft's line up since 1993 for its feel and understable flights. The Magnet is a domey putter with a beveled bottom rim and micro bead designed to be controlled on any line it's released with minimal fade. 

  • Putter Line discs offer the best price point and grip for your short game. This plastic comes in 2 different flexes - regular and soft. The discs will beat in the quickest to become more understable than their original flight paths.

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