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If you have ever thrown your disc into a water hazard, you know that finding a long enough and strong enough stick to reach it means you have a good chance of recovering it without taking off your shoes. But why leave it to luck that this stick will be available when you need it? Our DISC Retriever is a telescopic pole style disc golf retriever measuring 42 cm (16.5 inches) in length when fully collapsed and extending up to 488 cm (16 feet) so you can retrieve discs from water hazards, blackberry bushes, etc. without getting wet or scratched. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 480 grams. 

Before Use: Turn the hook clockwise so it is fully screwed into the pole and then turn the nut clockwise until it is tight. 

Directions for Use: Use the hook to position and pull in the disc directly back towards you. Do not exert excessive force in a lateral or up and down motion or the pole may bend or break. Only pull the disc directly back towards you to prevent the pole from bending.  

For more information, see GoTo Disc Golf's website here.

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