Innova - Gator3 (Champion Glow - Joel Freeman 2021 Tour Series)

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Gators are already known as the "Firebird" of mid-ranges, but these beefy Joel Freeman Champion Gator3s are built to handle an extra-mean snap. They've got the teeth to bite through the roughest of winds, and the flat top gives them a smooth and accurate release, forehand or backhand. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Joel and his touring efforts.

Champion Gator3's are very possibly the most overstable and dependable midrange discs out there. Their relentless fade does what it promises no matter what are the conditions. The Gator3 comes with a low profile and a thick outer rim that ensure maximum overstability & minimum glide. Perfect for power drives and approaches as well as touch approaches both on backhand & sidearm. The Gator3 represents the evolution of Innova's popular control midrange, the Gator.

It is a power control disc that delivers pin-point accuracy even in adverse wind conditions.

Speed: 5 Glide: 2 Turn: 0 Fade: 3


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