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Innova Leopard3 Star Swirled Hannah Leatherman Tour Series 2018 Leopard 21

Innova - Leopard3 Swirled Star - Hannah Leatherman Tour Series 2018

$27.68 CAD

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All discs weigh 175 g and have been individually photographed so you get what you see.

The Leopard3 or Leopard 3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release allows the Leopard3 to be an incredibly versatile fairway driver.
Please note that each disc is unique and colors will vary from disc to disc. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Hannah Leatherman and her touring efforts.

The Leopard3 is a flatter, faster Leopard.

Speed: 7
Glide: 5
Turn: -2
Fade: 1


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