Kodiak Designs Lockable Basket Light

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Designed for the sole purpose of disc golf glow rounds. This light is equipped with a battery charging board that will regulate the charging voltage, prevent overcharging and over discharging. The red light indicates that the light is charging and the blue light indicates that the light is fully charged. The light should last 10-12 hours continuously on a full charge.

Since the light has been shipped at a safe voltage and is not fully charged, it is recommended that the light be fully charged before its first use.


  • Lockable.
  • The basket light is visible at greater than 400 feet. Achieved by 8 straw hat style LEDs (wider dispersion of light than a standard LED), the design strikes the balance between brightness and battery longevity.
  • The light is powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery. Typical cycle expectations is 300-500 cycles before overall battery life is diminished.
  • The light will last well beyond 6 hours per charge (continuous use). Typical use will not necessarily require charging between rounds.
  • The light will fit over the centre post of an Innova DISCatcher basket and will rest on top of any other design easily. The diameter of the light is less than the diameter of a disc so it will fit in a disc golf bag where the discs go easily.
  • All seams of the light have a gasket and a TPU plug is provided for the charging port. The light will be water resistant though not submersible. Taping over the charging port and plug is recommended if heavy rain is expected.  
  • The battery is managed by a circuit board which provides protection from over discharge, over charging and a micro USB port for convenient connection. 

Dimensions: 164mm (round) x 34mm. Overall.

Weight: approximately 264 grams. 

Warranty: one year limited warranty on parts and manufacturing only.

Designed and made by Kodiak Designs, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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