1000+ rated Canadians to play $2,000 Skins Match at Raptors Knoll on May 8

The 2023 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open ("TCO") will be taking place in Kamloops, BC May 5, 2023 to May 7, 2023. Since our top 3 Canadians, as rated by PDGA for the year 2023 - Thomas Gilbert (1017), Casey Hanemayer (1013) and Stewart McIsack (1007) - and Parked Pro were all going to be at the same location, Stewart thought that organizing and filming the first ever pro Canadians' skins match would top off the event. It didn't matter that he only had a week to pull this off because he was able to arrange everything in two days.

How Did This Happen?

This is what Stewart needed to happen for this event to take place:

  • Stewart reaches out to Thomas to ask if Thomas would be coming to Raptors Knoll after the TCO and would he be interested in a skins match
  • Thomas says yes
  • Stewart reaches out to Casey
  • Casey says yes
  • Stewart calls John Gould-Thorpe with details; Ace Runners agrees to sponsor the match and cover any shortfalls in the skins payout and filming costs
  • John asks Stewart to consider Max Regitnig (1003) as the fourth player
  • Stewart reaches out to Parked Pro
  • Parked Pro agrees to film the match at Raptors Knoll since they wanted to get some course video and fly through coverage of Raptors Knoll prior to the 2023 BC Open taking place there July 2023

 This is what John needed to get done:

  • John reaches out to Chad Smoliak to inquire if he has a MPO spot at the TCO for touring pro Max and Chad says yes
  • As part of Ace Runners' 2023 sponsorship of MaxJohn offers to pay for Max's registration at the TCO and fly Max in from somewhere between Jonesboro, Arkansas and Stockton, California to the Vancouver International Airport and then back into the U.S. where Max will proceed to the OTB Open
  • Max says yes
  • Ace Runners registers Max for the TCO and books his plane ticket

What is a Disc Golf Skins Match?

Disc golf skins is a type of match play in which each hole is referred to as a skin and each skin is assigned a dollar value. The winner of each hole wins that amount. If there is any tie on a hole, the amount is pushed (carried forward) to the next hole until there is a single winner on a hole and that single winner gets the amounts that have cumulated since the last hole was won. If there is a tie on the last hole, the players continue to play with sudden death rules.

Where and When is the Skins Match?

This skins match will take place at Raptors Knoll on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 5:00 pm. Who will win the most skins in this battle of the 1000+ rated club? Will it be our local pro Stewart who designed the course with Chris Hartmann and who holds the gold layout course record at -13 with Scott Withers (1027). Or will it be Casey or one of our full-time touring pros Thomas and Max?

Why You Should Watch the Skins Match?

A disc golf skins match is typically more exciting to watch than the regular tournament format. Why? Since ties will push a skin to the next hole, the players cannot play conservatively and must take risks to win. The new teepads at hole 12 and hole 14 for the gold layout should also be ready for this match. How will they be rated by these top players?

Everyone is welcome to come watch. If you can't come watch it live, Parked Pro will be filming the whole match and it will be available post-production.