2022 BC Open - Driven by Innova - Fundraiser Discs

Our limited-edition 2022 BC Open fundraiser discs – featuring Hole 8 of Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park as designed by Michael Ramanauskas – are now available in 17 molds and eight plastic types (most of these plastic types are generally only available for fundraiser discs). All proceeds go to the 2022 BC Open. Purchase early for better selection.

Why Purchase Fundraiser Discs

Fundraiser discs provide one avenue to raise money to pay for event expenses (see below for a summary of general expenses). If you are torn between different fundraiser discs (there are a lot to choose from), we hope you will consider these to support the 2022 BC Open.

The Financial Requirements of a PDGA Sanctioned A-Tier Event

Some people may not realize that the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) has strict rules on how a PDGA sanctioned event must be run. There are several levels of PDGA-sanctioned events. Each Tier has its own set of requirements and regulations based on the PDGA Tour Standards. The PDGA requires that A-Tier Events such as the 2022 BC Open – Driven by Innova meet the following standards:

  • The event course(s) must be in tournament format for practice one day prior to your event which usually increases your cost to reserve your course(s) for another day.
  • Required Minimum Added Cash to Pro Purse: $3,000. This minimum must be spread across all Pro Divisions based on the percentage of entry fees brought into the event by each Pro Division.
  • 100+% of Net Entry Fees of the Pro Players must be paid out at a minimum to the top 40% of finishers in each Pro Division.
  • 110+% of Net Entry Fees must be paid out in player packs OR a combination of player packs and merchandise prizes. Each Amateur Player is entitled to a player pack with a minimum retail value of $25. The balance of the 110+% of Net Entry Fees must be paid out at a minimum to the top 45% of finishers in each Amateur Division.
  • Water must be available to players on the course so if your course doesn’t have running water, you must purchase water.
  • Adequate bathroom facilities must be available to players, staff, and spectators so rental of portable toilets is another expense.

The above list represents the bulk of the costs of running the 2022 BC Open. Note that Net Entry Fees is equal to the Gross Entry Fees minus the pass-through fees of the PDGA Per-Player fee of $4 which is payable to the PDGA and any Green Fees / Facility Fees which is payable to the event course(s). The above list does not include additional expenses such as the PDGA Sanctioning Fee of USD $100, artwork, physical signage for your event and corporate sponsors, caddy book, water and food for volunteers, etc.