Canada Eh Custom Stamped Discs

Just in time to celebrate Canada Day! See Ace Runners' custom stamped discs here which feature the "Canada Eh Stamp" by Mike Carter; a local artist and disc golfer based in Victoria, BC. See here for more about Mike and his body of work.  

There have been many changes in design and composition of Canada's five-cent coin since it was first introduced in 1858. The familiar beaver design, created by G.E. Kruger-Gray, made its first appearance in 1937. Did you know that the beaver was given official status as an emblem of Canada in 1975 and that the beaver is known for its work ethic because it is hardworking even in winter when most other animals hibernate or go south? In fact, the idioms "busy as a beaver" and "eager beaver" are synonymous with being industrious and hardworking. What do you think of the beaver taking a break from work and playing some disc golf?

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