Disc Golf Tag Rounds: How They Work and Why Players Play

What are disc golf tag rounds?

Disc golf tag rounds are a popular format of play where players compete for tags that represent their ranking among the participants. Tag rounds typically follow the same rules as regular disc golf, with players aiming to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws. The main difference is the added element of competition for the lowest-numbered tag. Each player starts with a tag, and after each round, tags are exchanged based on the scores. The player with the lowest score takes the lowest-numbered tag, while the player with the highest score takes the highest-numbered tag. 

Why play tag rounds?

Joining disc golf tag rounds can enhance your disc golf experience:

  • Tag rounds offer a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with other disc golfers in your local community. You'll have the chance to play with a variety of skill levels and learn from more or other experienced players. If you don't know many players, tag rounds force you to play with people outside your regular groups because if you snag a low number, you have to defend it by playing with anyone who challenges you to a round for that tag number. The camaraderie and friendships formed during tag rounds can last a lifetime. 
  • Tag rounds add a more competitive element into the game without requiring a big time commitment or registration fee. Sanctioned tournaments often require a full day commitment and a registration fee (which goes towards course permit fee, PDGA tournament sanctioning fee, PDGA player fee, Pro payouts, Amateur player packs, etc.).
  • For those new to competitive disc golf, tag rounds help you get used to throwing and putting under pressure if you are contemplating tournament play. 

How to join in on tag rounds?

While it may vary from one area to another, many local disc golf clubs organize tag rounds as a regular part of their activities. These clubs often have dedicated tag rounds scheduled on specific days and times, allowing members to come together and compete. These tags can be wagered in more informal rounds among members who play more often. Bag tags should be displayed on your bag so a person with a higher bag tag number can challenge a player with a lower number. Clubs often give a bag tag to a member when that member joins the club or renews their yearly club membership because bag tags are often used to raise funds for a club to maintain and improve their course. Check with your local disc golf club to find out if they offer tag rounds.

Where can you buy tags?

There are many options for bag tags. Some make their own. Many get them custom made/engraved/printed. For those looking, we have a custom print bag tag option here.


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