Have You Met Our Dillon?

Welcome to Staff Picks!
Staff Picks will be highlighting our staff and sharing more about their love for the sport. Today, we will be highlighting Dillon. Dillon is in charge of keeping everything organized in our back and maintaining quality control for all packages leaving our warehouse.
When asked about his favorite disc, Dillon answered:
“My favourite disc is my First Run Latitude 64 Royal Grace. For my slower arm speed, it is the perfect amount of flippy and is my go-to when I want a clean reliable flight. I was finally able to smash my best ace with it just a few months ago! The Grace has made me feel like I can throw a disc like a pro, and I would recommend it to anyone (except my friends–don’t want them getting too good) who is looking for a fun new driver to try.”
If you are keen, go check out the Latitude 64 Grace!