Kastaplast Järn - Release Delayed

Kastaplast has announced that since there has been production issues with their First Run Järn, a significant portion of them will be sent back to the factory to be recycled and made into a "First Run Regrinded" series with a slightly different stamp. Unfortunately, this means we will have a much more limited supply than we were expecting. Coincidentally, we just received some of our shipment yesterday. We have inspected them and, as per Kastaplast’s request, we will be sending back more than we can keep. We will set a release date after we have received and inspected our entire shipment.

We also just received the bulk of our much delayed K1 Glow Falk, Göte and Grym X and hope to have the rest soon for release.

Please see Kastaplast’s post for more details regarding the First Run Järns.

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