New Teepads at Raptors Knoll

Today Ace Runners once again added concrete delivery to their list of disc golf services. New teepads have now been poured for Hole 12 and Hole 14 at Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park and they should be cured by May 6. Please do not touch them until then.  

These two additions will form part of the Gold Layout to make these shorter holes more challenging for any player who wants to see how dialed in their game really is. Both of these holes will now have a separate red, blue and gold teepad. According to the current registration list for the 2023 BC Open, we have players from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario coming so let this post be one of your heads up about the teepad changes if you were expecting to be playing the same course as last year.

Chris Hartmann (MP60), Ted Moens (MP60) and the youngster Stewart McIsack (MP40) provided the grunt labour for the teepad preparation and concrete finishing.

John Gould-Thorpe (MA40) delivered the concrete in a yard-at-a-time trailer from the concrete supplier. The mainstay course workers listed above did most of the shoveling and concrete wheelbarrow trips, but John did not escape unscathed. He couldn't not help and just walk away from the heavy lifting because he wasn't the oldest one out there. He came home with new scars and concrete covered boots to prove it. 

Let's hope they are able to get some help from some of the many young'uns who were out enjoying their disc golf rounds next time.