Have You Seen Ace Runners' Exclusive Discs?

Did you know Ace Runners has been working with local Canadian artists to produce custom-stamped discs?

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Be sure to browse our newest collection - Brace Yourself. Proudly designed by Vancouver Island artist - Mike Carter. Learn more about Mike Carter and his design below.


Who are you Mike?

  • I’m a commercial artist providing illustration, retouching and design.
  • I was born and grew up in Montreal and moved to Calgary for art college, back to Toronto for the main part of my career and then to Victoria in 2016 where I continue to service my diverse clients.


Tell us more about your 'Brace Yourself' disc design

Click here to view our 'Brace Yourself' discs

  • The idea for this disc started with a Cyclops skull to integrate the Kastaplast logo into the eye socket and the braces idea just fell out of the sky as I was shaving one morning = random!
  • Brace Yourself is a pretty self-indulgent exercise in illustration for me. To be given pretty much full freedom on an image isn't something that occurs often in my work. 
  • Ace Runners are great fun to work with and are pretty open-minded regarding the stuff I come up with for them. I think Disc Golf graphics are becoming more diverse and conceptual.


Keep an eye out next week for our exclusive St Patrick's Day themed discs - One Armed Patrick. Designed by Mike Carter.