Who is Thomas Gilbert? 🍁

Last week, Canada's top Disc Golf player, Thomas Gilbert, graced the West Coast with his presence. His visit, featuring a Skins Match and several public clinics, brought the Disc Golf community together in a celebration of the sport. However, amidst the excitement, it was apparent that many newer players were not familiar with Gilbert.

This prompted us to share the inspiring story of this remarkable player, to celebrate his accomplishments, and to underscore his pivotal role in Canadian Disc Golf. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, this article will provide a deeper insight into who Thomas Gilbert is and why he is a figure of such importance in the world of Disc Golf.



When Thomas Gilbert was introduced to Disc Golf, it was a casual affair. A school friend, knowing Gilbert's interest for Ultimate and the occasional round of traditional golf, decided to show him the sport that married both disciplines - Disc Golf. He recalls his first round at E.T. Seton Disc Golf Course located in the heart of Toronto, and it's safe to say it left a lasting impression.

This local course remained his training ground until he discovered the Championship course on Toronto Island, a setting that challenged and nurtured his growing skills. Gilbert's journey, starting from a casual round with a friend to mastering championship courses, is a testament to his dedication and love for the sport.


The Making of a Champion

Gilbert's impressive feats extend beyond his prowess on the field. Known for his humility and kindness, he is a true ambassador for Canada and the sport. His unique 'huckface' during his powerful drives, some reaching beyond 650 feet, has become iconic within the Disc Golf community.

His love for the sport extends beyond the field. A self-proclaimed "fan of the sport", Gilbert has become known for his dedication to understanding every facet of Disc Golf. His enthusiasm even earned him meme status within the community, regularly spotted absorbing every detail at tournaments and events, often in the background of the popular GK Pro Skins video series.


A Rising Star

Gilbert first broke onto the professional Disc Golf scene in 2018. Known for his impressive throwing distance and approachable demeanor, he quickly gained popularity. It wasn't until 2019 that Gilbert truly made his mark. He left a lasting impression with a standout final-round chase card showing at the Las Vegas Challenge, followed by a triumphant A-tier victory at the Challenge at Goat Hill Park. These accomplishments heralded his arrival on the international stage.


A Personal Triumph

In 2022, Gilbert took a brave step by publicly announcing via an Instagram post that he is gay. This revelation marked not only an important moment in his personal journey but also served as a beacon for others within and outside the Disc Golf community, reminding everyone that the sport is as diverse and inclusive as the players who love it.

In conclusion, Thomas Gilbert represents dedication, authenticity, and inclusivity in the world of Disc Golf. His journey - from a school friend’s invitation to a casual game, to becoming Canada's top player - is as inspiring as it is impressive. Gilbert's story is a testament to Disc Golf's potential to transform lives and communities, reminding us that the sport is about much more than the game - it's about the people who play it.



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