2022 Sponsorship Program: Year of the TD

Since Ace Runners’ inception in 2015, we have tried to support the growth of disc golf by running tournaments, sponsoring tournaments, supporting clubs and sponsoring players. Our sponsorship of players has always been based on a player’s contribution to our sport – volunteering time to maintain courses, being active in local clubs and associations, running events, introducing new players to the sport, etc. – and how a player carries themselves on and off the course. The fact that many of our sponsored players have been very good players is probably the result of their love for the sport. People generally give their time to causes they are passionate about and if you are passionate about disc golf, you are probably improving your game the more you play.

With the growing number of new players over the last couple of years, we have noticed that tournaments are in high demand and it seems a core group of people are running the majority of the tournaments. To encourage more people to run events, we decided that we would support the growth of disc golf in a new way in 2022. Instead of supporting specific players over the course of a year, our 2022 Sponsorship Program will focus on supporting the people who are actively growing our sport - these are our ambassadors who are volunteering their time to run tournaments and leagues. 

If you want to know more about what is involved in running a disc golf tournament, Ultiworld Disc Golf has a quick summary here and and the PDGA website has a comprehensive section just for tournament directors here.

If you are planning to run a tournament and/or league and would like a little support, please contact us at service@acerunners.ca for more information.