Dino Discs

"Most disc golf companies design their discs specifically for pros and those aspiring to be professional disc golfers. But what about the children? Kids can have fun playing disc golf too. When you take your children bowling do you give them a 15 pound bowling ball? Dino discs are light weight, and easy to throw. Discs designed specifically for kids and kids alike who have a maximum throwing distance of less than 200 feet."

Dino Discs is a collaboration among ABC Discs, Zing Mini Discs, Gateway Disc Sports and Infinite Discs to make ultra lightweight discs that weigh between 110 grams and 150 grams.

Discs manufactured by Zing Mini Discs use ABC Discs' molds and come in the following plastic types:

  • Ancient: Slightly softer version of Egg Shell plastic with more muted colours and a grippy feel that works well for putters.
  • Egg Shell: Colourful sparkly plastic.
  • Egg Shell Ultraviolet: Glow plastic.
  • VolcanicSplotchy plastic.

Discs manufactured by Gateway use Gateway molds and come in the following plastic types:

  • Extinct: Colourful sparkly plastic.
  • Feather Plastic: Opaque blend without specs or sparkles.
  • Moss: Grippy plastic for putters.

NOTE: Some of these models are not PDGA approved discs. Only disc models that have been approved by the PDGA can be used in disc golf competitions sanctioned by the PDGA.

For more information about Dino Discs, see their website here.

October 2021