Supporting Canada's Disc Golf Ambassadors and their Events

Ace Runners has always tried to be a leader in supporting the growth of disc golf Canada wide. When Ace Runners was first created back in 2015, our first step was to bring stock to every event we could and get involved and running as many events as we could. Although we are not directly running as many events and travelling to each event with stock is no longer our main focus, we do continue to give back to the sport and support the growth in as many ways as we can. To date we have not tooted our own horn that loudly and let our reputation stand on its own. As enough people have asked what we are doing, we created this page to make sure there is a public record of at least a portion of the things that we have sponsored or supported.

In 2022 we have changed our traditional Team sponsorship program in which we supported individuals directly and now give support and sponsorship to people and associations that are actively giving back to the community. Along with that support we are also making a larger effort to publicly acknowledge these people and their efforts.

As a start, we would like to recognize all the current directors of the Jackman Wetlands Disc Golf Society - Stewart McIsack, Chris Hartmann, Michael Van Elburg, Ed Fogarty and Deanna Hunter. This team is responsible for all aspects of running Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park and the many events that they run for both members and non members of the society. With the many challenges we currently face running events and following ever changing Provincial Health orders, this team has been forging ahead providing the community with opportunities to compete while navigating the challenges of keeping everyone safe. 

We would also like to recognize all of our 2022 Disc Golf Ambassadors and their Events we are supporting. We hope this list will grow quickly so we have created a list for each province/territory - BC, AB, SK, MBON, QC, YT - and we will do our best to seek opportunities to help foster the growth of disc golf in Canada and further as opportunities present themselves.

January 10, 2022