Innova Champion Discs

"The Choice of Champions"

Based in California, USA, Innova Champion Discs has been a pioneer in disc golf since its founding in 1983. The original patent for disc golf specific discs – the Innova Eagle - was designed by Dave Dunipace in 1983 and patented by Innova. The patent expired after 20 years after which many more disc golf manufacturers joined the market. Innova is still the biggest disc golf manufacturer in today’s game and offers the most discs in a wide range of weight ranges so that even little kids can play with discs that weight from 100 grams to 140 grams.

Innova discs are generally available in the following 11 plastic types listed by durability. Less durable discs will wear in with use over time and will take on “new and varied” flight characteristics. Durable discs will retain their flight characteristics longer. With the addition of a glow additive, some plastics are available as glow discs.

  • DX: A baseline plastic, offering a wide selection of weights. Grippy in a variety of weather and cost effective.
  • R-Pro: Softer feel and the most grip in all conditions including rain and snow.
  • JK Pro: A soft, grippy blend available only in Innova’s Aviar-X mold.
  • Pro: More grip at a more affordable price point with increased glide.
  • XT: Firm, durable, and grippy in all weather.
  • KC Pro: A firm blend of Pro plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc.
  • Star: A premium opaque plastic offering long-lasting durability with more grip and slightly less firm than Champion plastic.
  • GStar: A blend of Star plastic with added flexibility and grip ideal for colder weather play since it stays flexible at very low temperatures.
  • Champion: A premium translucent plastic offering long-lasting durability and is Innova’s firmest plastic. 
  • Metal Flake: Champion plastic with the addition of sparkling metal flakes.
  • Blizzard Champion: Champion plastic with microbubbles added to the rim of the disc so durable discs can be made in lower weights. Most models lighter than 135 grams can float in water.

Other plastic types such as Luster Champion and Halo Star are sometimes available as limited production discs.

For more information about Innova, see their website here.

August 2021