Lone Star Plastics

Alpha is the plastic that the flight numbers of Lone Star discs are based on; it is a durable, smooth, high-quality blend that is slick and firm. 

Bravo is flexible, gummy, and resilient, making it the perfect plastic for cold weather conditions or for extra grip. 

Lima is a lightweight, springy, grippy, and airy feeling plastic. If left or lost out in nature, Lima plastic will biodegrade more quickly than other plastics. Lima max weight is technically 169 grams, but typically falls within the 155-160g range.

Glow plastic grip, feel, and stability is very similar to Bravo blend but shines brightly when charged using a UV flashlight. 

Victor 1 is a soft and ultra-tacky plastic famous for its ability to grab chains, limit ground play, and float in water. V1 is widely considered to be Lone Star's softest plastic blend.

Victor 2 is a stiffer blend than Victor 1 while maintaining the same tackiness. It will maintain its shape while offering superior grip for putt and approach shots in any weather condition. V2 also floats in water.

Delta 1 is a base-feeling medium plastic blend that bridges the gap between Alpha and Victor plastics. It remains stiff while offering enough grip to maintain player confidence no matter the conditions.

Delta 2 is a stiffer, smoother blend of Delta 1 plastic. While D1 and D2 plastics have a similar feel to V1 and V2, they do not float in water.