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If you receive a lost disc text message from us and you want to pick it up at our store, please visit us during our retail store hours and give your claim number (as set out in the text message) to one of our staff members so we can retrieve your disc from our lost discs collection.



If you receive a lost disc text message from us and you want your lost disc shipped to you, you can add the Lost Disc Return product below to your cart. Please insert your claim number into the "Add order note" section of your shopping cart prior to check out OR email your order number and claim number to Our system will calculate the shipping cost as charged by your selected shipping carrier and method of shipping prior to any payment. 


Here's what you need to know about our lost disc process:

All disc golfers inevitably lose a disc or find a disc. If you find a disc with the owner’s contact information on it, you can call/text/email the owner to try to return it. Sometimes, owners will be super happy because that particular disc is their favorite which took years to wear in to perfectly match their arm speed and throwing style. Other times, owners may not particularly care for that lost disc and won’t bother to respond or will just ask you to keep it because that disc was not for them. If you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable contacting a stranger, you have the option of dropping it into a lost bin collection box if your course maintains one or bringing it to our store if you are planning to visit us.

Lost discs are brought into our store by individuals at their own discretion and convenience.

Upon receipt of a lost disc, we aim to process them within one business day. If your disc has been returned to us and your telephone number is legible, we tag the disc with a claim number and will notify you by sending you a text message with the claim number. To increase the chances of being reunited with your disc, make sure your telephone number is legible on the disc.

If you are looking for a lost disc and you have not received a text message from us, it means that no one has brought it into our store. We understand how eager you may be to find your disc, but please keep in mind that the volunteers who collect the lost discs bring them to us when they have the opportunity. While we appreciate their efforts, we do not have control over when they drop off the discs.

We offer this service for free. If you want your lost disc to be shipped to you, you do need to pay a shipping carrier to deliver it to you.

We will keep a lost disc for a maximum of 4 months; most of the discs that are claimed are claimed within 2 months of our initial communication to the disc owner. If a lost disc is not claimed within 4 months, it goes into one of our donation boxes. These boxes will be donated to organizations who need discs to grow the sport.

Disc with no legible contact information go straight into our donation boxes.