"The Leading Edge"

Based in Michigan, USA, MVP Disc Sports was founded by brothers Brad and Chad Richardson. As teenagers, since their dad owned a plastic injection molding company, they had access to materials, equipment and some know-how to experiment with different concepts and designs which eventually resulted in their signature “Gyro Overmold Technology”. Their discs are made with a two step process, instead of the traditional one step process used by many other disc manufacturers. MVP focuses on adding weight to the outer edge of the rim, increasing the amount of rotational inertia and optimizing gyroscopic properties so that the disc will continue to glide forward longer.

MVP manufactures discs under three brands - the rims of all MVP discs, with the exception of discs in R2 Neutron, are black, the rims of all Axiom discs are made in various colours, and all Streamline discs are "solo-mold" or classic, single piece discs. Many of their fairways and drivers are available in lighter weights starting at 155 grams in Proton, Neutron and Plasma plastic.

MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs are available in the following plastic types:

  • Electron: Baseline plastic which generally comes in 3 levels of stiffness - soft medium and firm - for putters.
  • Proton: Durable plastic in translucent colours.
  • Neutron: Flagship durable plastic in a wide selection of bright opaque colours.
  • R2 Neutron: Available in black cores and white rims as a result of the combination of many colours of recycled Neutron plastic.
  • Plasma: Semi-gummy durable premium plastic with a metallic sheen. 
  • Fission: MVP's Fission™ Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight core with weight reduction microbubbles which allows for lighter weight discs starting at 136 grams in durable plastic.
  • Eclipse 2.0: Eclipse 2.0 appears to match the superiority of Kastaplast's glow plastic for night visibility. 
Election plastic and Neutron plastic are also available with "cosmic" ray patterns in multi-tone colours.

    For more information about MVP, see their website here.

    August 2021