Design your own one-of-a-kind disc or mini marker. Customize it with your own image or photo to make it uniquely your own. They also make amazing gifts and can be created to commemorate special events or milestones.

We also offer anodized aluminum (silver coloured) bag tags that can be printed with a shiny finish and numbered sequentially.


Transparent Background

Above is an example of an image with a transparent background and how that image will print. 

Non-Transparent Background

Above is an example of an image with a non-transparent background and an example of how that image will print.

Please note that the printed disc(s) you receive may appear slightly different in terms of colour than the image shown on your screen due to lighting variations. We recommend colour prints on a white disc for the best vibrant colours. Prints on discs that are not white will have a lightly muted colour effect.


Your custom print products are made to order. As they are generally printed at least once a week, they may be ready next business day if you ordered it the day before print day or they may not be ready for another 8 days if you place your order immediately after a print day. Processing time will depend on how many custom orders are received.

Since the set-up fee is a one time cost, your cost per custom product with the same graphic decreases as the number of the same product you order increases.

Pricing details are set out in the description of each of the Custom Print Product Options listed above.

Coloured discs are more expensive than white discs because coloured discs require an extra layer of white ink.

According to 813.01 of the Official Rules of Disc Golf, adding a material of a detectable thickness such as paint to a disc after production makes the disc illegal.

We have partnered with the Canadian disc manufacturer GoTo Disc Golf. They print your on-demand-printing so that your print becomes the final step of their production process.

Click here to choose a product option. Drag & drop your image file where indicated, choose your disc mold and colour OR mini type for discs and minis, add to cart and complete the checkout process.