What is Disc Golf?

The goal of disc golf is to throw a golf disc from a tee area into a metal disc golf basket in as little throws as possible. The player with the least number of throws over a set number of baskets (usually 9 or 18) wins the game.

Basic Rules

  1. Tee-Off: You must release your first throw from within a designated tee area.
  2. Throwing behind your Lie: After everyone in your group has thrown from the tee area, walk to your disc. Where your disc lands is called your lie. You can throw your next shot from behind your last thrown disc or you can use a mini disc to mark the front edge of your lie and throw your next shot from behind your mini disc.
  3. Subsequent Throws: Subsequent throws must be made from directly behind your lie within a 8 x 12 inch imaginary rectangle and one of your feet must be touching this area at the time of release.
  4. Order of Play: After all players have thrown from the first tee area, the player whose lie is furthest from the target basket throws first. The player with the least number of throws on the previous hole throws first at the next tee area.
  5. Everyone continues throwing until each person’s disc has come to rest in the target basket, thus completing the hole. If you are within 30 feet of your target basket, you must maintain balance and not move past your lie until your disc comes to rest in the target basket.

Course Etiquette

  • Remain behind the player who is throwing and do not distract that player by making unnecessary noise or movement.
  • If someone is in your throwing range, wait until that person is out of your range.
  • Remove your disc from the target basket after completing your hole and before the next player attempts to throw a disc into the target basket.
  • Allow faster groups to play through when possible.
  • Do not litter. Many courses are "pack it in, pack it out" courses. That means that anything you bring in, you should be bringing back out with you.

The Professional Disc Golf Association sets out its Official Rules of Disc Golf here.