Why Play Disc Golf?

Over the last several years, disc golf has experienced a tremendous growth in popularity. Many new players have discovered the sport and fallen in love with the community, easy play, and the affordability of the sport. Unlike ball golf, where a beginner might spend hundreds of dollars on clubs and even more on green fees to start playing, a new disc golf player can begin playing for under $20. There are no fees to play most disc golf courses, meaning no additional money needs to be spent on anything other than equipment.

Disc golf is also a very social sport. It is easy to play a few rounds with existing friends or meet new ones out on the course. For new, casual players, there is no obligation to play extremely competitively or even keep score. Disc golf is meant to be a fun game, accessible to all levels of participants, no matter how experienced they are in disc sports.

Top 5 Reasons to Play

  1. Affordable: You can buy a disc for under $20. Most courses are public and free.
  2. Social: You can play with friends, family and people you meet on the course.
  3. Exercise: Playing exercises your body (you are essentially hiking and doing squats to pick up your discs) and your mind (competitive play requires strategy and a basic knowledge of physics in terms of disc angles and flight and how wind comes into play).
  4. Fun and Competitive: Disc golf is easy to learn but hard to master. You can play for fun and not keep score or you can compete in leagues and tournaments for bragging rights and/or prizes.
  5. It's Outside: Playing outdoors gives you a reason to unplug and enjoy nature.