Discmania Originals - PD (C-Line)

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The Discmania PD (Power Driver) is a fast and stable driver that handles wind well. The PD has a good glide and is useful for sidearm, stable power, and long flex throws for experienced players. This disc offers longer and straighter flights with a reliable low speed fade. Ask anyone who's tried it - this disc is a true crowd favorite!

Check out what Simon Lizotte has to say about the PD:
"As the name says the PD is a true power driver. It's stable to overstable and is perfect for controlled fairway [throws], but you don't have to worry about putting too much power on it and it running away from you. For players with a low armspeed, it will make a great controllable sidearm disc or a fast and over-stable fairway driver."

Speed: 10   Glide: 4   Turn: 0   Fade: 3 


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