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Dynamic Discs ---- Marksman Basket

Dynamic Discs ---- Marksman Basket

$207.99 CAD

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The Marksman by Dynamic Discs will make you a better putter. Period. It will force you to focus while putting and have a more repeatable putt. It will give you more confidence and sharpen your mental game. It will take strokes off of your score. If you want to get better, get the Marksman.

The Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket features 15 chain sets. These chains are zinc coated.

The rest of the Marksman Basket is electrophoresed first and then powder coated for extra protection from natural elements.

The Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket is easy to carry in a cars trunk because the pole is made of two parts.

The Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket has tension screws for increased stability and welded nuts for easier assembly.

We try to keep one of these baskets in stock at all times but if it is not currently in stock it normally takes about 1-2 weeks before the next one arrives.

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