EV-7 - Phi (OG Medium)

EV-7 - Phi (OG Medium)
EV-7 - Phi (OG Medium)

EV-7 - Phi (OG Medium)

Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1
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Speed: 3  |  Glide: 4  |  Turn: 0  |  Fade: 1

The EV-7 Phi is a beadless putter that features a semi-deep profile with a smooth, rounded geometry that is stable enough to handle headwinds and tackle long approaches with unmatched glide. Those looking to test out a beadless option for putting or a versatile and dependable driving putter, look no further.

Speed: 3   Glide: 4   Turn: 0   Fade: 1

A premium baseline material, OG Blend is a tactile, grippy blend of TPE's, polymers, and impact resistors for superb grip and a confidence inspiring feel in the hand. It's uniquely durable for a baseline disc golf plastic, standing up to the abuse of metal, tree, and ground strikes. Though resilient, you can expect predictable wear over extended use, allowing for the fine tuning of your disc's flight characteristics. 

OG Blend comes in four different flexes to fit your tactile preference and putting style, OG Soft, OG Base, OG Medium, and OG Firm. 

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