GoTo - Disc Golf Starter Set

GoTo - Disc Golf Starter Set

GoTo - Disc Golf Starter Set

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Now we know that disc golf tournaments can be serious business. There's money on the line, bragging rights at stake, and intense competition. But who says disc golf has to be serious all the time? Introducing GoTo Disc Golf.

GoTo Disc Golf

GoTo Disc Golf is a new Canadian disc golf manufacturer. All their discs are PDGA-approved and manufactured in British Columbia. Their discs have cheeky music-inspired names – the Bongo, Cowbell, and Gong. Can you say these with a serious face? They went with a music theme since music, like disc golf, can be enjoyed by everyone, connects people with themselves, other people and their surroundings, and can be fun and serious at the same time. Indie, their baseline plastic, is a premium baseline material providing excellent grip in all weather conditions - no slipping and sliding here! The following discs are currently available individually and in a 3-disc starter set:

GoTo Disc Golf Starter Set


2 | 3 | 0 | 1

The Bongo (represented by a peace loving drumming duck) is designed to cruise straight. It is beadless and is perfect for putting and short-range shots. Weighing about 160 grams, the Bongo suits newer players and experienced players alike who don't need a heftier weight.

Cowbell (165 grams to 169 grams)

GoTo Disc Cowbell Midrange

5 | 6 | -1 | 1

This midrange (represented by a manic cow hammering on a cowbell a la SNL) flies straight with epic glide and will have you shouting "More Cowbell!" on the course. It’s a nice step up after the Bongo.

Gong (165 grams to 169 grams)

GoTo Disc Gong Fairway

7 | 5 | 0 | 2

The Gong (represented by a gong kicking donkey) is a fairway driver crafted to stay the course and fade left with dependability on a backhand. It's perfect for forehanders as well. This disc requires confidence and power, so use it after you master the Cowbell.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a set today. Embrace the fun (and support Canadiana), get grooving and let the good times roll on the course. Happy disc golfing! And remember, you can never have too much Cowbell!

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