Innova - Destroyer (Halo Star Proto Glow - Calvin Heimburg 2024 Tour Series)

Innova - Destroyer (Halo Star Proto Glow - Calvin Heimburg 2024 Tour Series)

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3
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Speed: 12 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3

The 2024 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Halo Star Destroyers are here! Proto Glow adds to the cosmic effect at night, helping you to find your disc no matter how far you launch it into space. These Calvin Destroyers are out of this world! Proto Glow flight plates with Halo Star rims.

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Calvin Heimburg and his touring efforts.

The Destroyer is a very fast stable long distance driver. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. Can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. Not suggested for beginning players. 

Best choice for maximum distance, long hyzers, headwind drives.

Diameter:  21.1 cm
Rim Width: 2.2 cm
Date of PDGA Approval: 06/07/2007

  • Innova's Halo Star is Innova's latest high-performance polymer innovation, offering maximum durability and brilliant appearance. The novel two-tone injection process results in beautiful, durable discs with a “Halo” rim that is a distinctly different color than the flight plate. Though every Halo Star disc has a unique look, the runs are extremely consistent, so you can trust two Halo discs of the same mold to have the same flight characteristics every time.
  • Innova’s Halo Star Glow line is based on Innova’s Halo Star line with the addition of a glow additive to make the discs glow in the dark. With the release of Innova’s upgraded glow formula in January 2024 which offers a significant upgrade in terms of the brightness and longevity of its glow effect, Innova glow plastic is now known as Classic Glow or Proto Glow to distinguish between their glow discs made prior to January 2024 using their former glow formula and newer runs made with their updated glow formula.
  • This is a specialty plastic generally available in limited production discs.

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