Lone Star - Middy (Glow)

Lone Star - Middy (Glow)

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3
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Speed: 5  |  Glide: 5  |  Turn: 0  |  Fade: 3

The one that started it all! The MD-1 (Middy) was the first Lone Star Disc to receive PDGA approval. It is extremely dependable in all situations, and it’s certainly NEVER afraid of a headwind! With its overstable nature, the Lone Star Discs' Middy could possibly be the world’s best disc for wind and for forehand throws! It can handle finesse and power throws.

  • Glow plastic grip, feel, and stability is very similar to Bravo blend but shines brightly when charged using a UV flashlight.
  • Bravo is flexible, gummy, and resilient, making it the perfect plastic for cold weather conditions or for extra grip.

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