MVP - Tri-lit LED Disc Lights

MVP - Tri-lit LED Disc Lights

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These lights are sold in a package of 10 (one unit contains 10 individual lights) for the price of 9 lights because once in a while there will be a defective unit. So if all 10 of your lights work, you get a bonus. If one is defective, you did not have to pay for it and we can avoid creating an environmental footprint to ship out one light.

LED Lights by MVP Disc Sports.  These micro LED units are designed to be taped to the center of a disc for night play, but can be used in a variety of creative ways.  A button located in the center of the LEDs under the printed MVP logo circuit cover switches power on/off. 

The Multicolor model auto-cycles through a range of vibrant color and flash modes using blends of its three LED lights. Multiple units can be attached to a disc for more light and cool effects, and as long as they are symmetrically positioned, the disc will fly properly.

Adhesive not included - users are advised not to remove the printed circuit cover, and we recommend using heavy-duty strapping or duct tape to secure the unit to the disc.

Note; These LEDs are considered disposable products as they are electronic devices not meant to be thrown at trees/rocks/ground.  Although they may continue to work for quite a long time, the electronic boards may be damaged or broken upon impact. If you are prone to hitting trees, we recommend that you try using glow discs that do not require any electronic lights to work.  

 Single colors have 4 modes:

  1. Fast blink
  2. Slow blink
  3. Steady on
  4. Off

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