Canada's Most Distinctive Disc Golf Courses: Western Canada Edition

Spanning from the rugged coastlines of British Columbia to the vast prairies of Manitoba, Western Canada is renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

When it comes to disc golf, this region offers courses that are not only a testament to the sport's growth but also a reflection of the natural beauty and spirit of the West.

Our journey to spotlight the most distinctive disc golf courses in Western Canada wasn't about singling out the best. By 'distinctive', we mean courses that capture the spirit, essence, and idiosyncrasies of Canadian disc golf, offering players not just a game, but an experience that lingers.

So what defines a "distinctive" course? We anchored our choices on the following criteria: 

  • Natural Beauty: Locations that offer awe-inspiring landscapes, from dense forests and rolling hills to serene lakesides and rugged coastlines.
  • Historical or Cultural Relevance: Courses that have a storied past, or play a significant role in the growth and appreciation of disc golf within their communities.
  • Innovative Course Design: Those that provide diverse challenges, leveraging the natural environment to enhance gameplay and strategy.
  • Community and User Feedback: Courses that are celebrated not just for their design but also for their atmosphere, maintenance, and overall experience.
  • Amenities and Accessibility: Favourable facilities and features that enhance the player's overall experience, from comprehensive amenities to ease of access.

As we spotlight one course per province, we hope this compilation will inspire both seasoned disc golfers and newcomers to embark on their own Western Canadian disc golf adventure. And if you believe we missed a gem, please share your recommendations in the comments.



Golf Island Disc Park - Pender Island, BC

Why It's Chosen:

  • Breathtaking Natural Backdrops: The course winds through lush forests and rocky terrains, offering players a blend of challenge and scenic beauty.
  • Historical and Cultural Significance: Evolved through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the course has witnessed the growth of disc golf in the region, from its humble beginnings in 1980 to hosting large-scale tournaments.
  • Innovative Course Design: The mix of original tone poles and modern chain baskets offers players a rich and varied gameplay experience, demanding diverse skills and strategies.
  • Community Engagement: Home to the iconic Pender Bender, the course is more than just a playfield; it's a hub for community bonding and mutual respect.


Nestled in the serene Magic Lake Estates on North Pender Island, the Golf Island Disc Park stands as a testament to the evolution and love of disc golf in the region. This 27-hole marvel offers a blend of the sport's history and its modern challenges. While the front nine retains its original tone poles, a nostalgic nod to the sport’s roots, the middle and back nines were upgraded with chain baskets in 2004, providing a diverse playing experience.

The course's setting is nothing short of enchanting. As players navigate through the holes, they're taken on a journey over and around a rocky hill, blanketed by dense forests. The undulating landscape combined with the myriad of trees doesn’t just enhance gameplay; it makes for a rejuvenating stroll amidst nature.

But beyond its physical attributes, what makes the Golf Island Disc Park truly distinctive is its storied history. Spearheaded by pioneers Alex Fraser, Dave Watson, and Doug Keating, the initial course layout began in 1980. It underwent expansions and improvements, with the initial course completed by 1987, a journey that saw it hosting the BC Provincial Disc Golf Tournament twice – first in 1985 with 30 players and then, symbolizing the sport's growth, in 2005 with over 100 participants from regions as diverse as Alberta, California, and Oregon.

The course's community spirit shines brightly with its renowned Pender Bender tournament. More than just a competition, the Pender Bender emphasizes rekindling bonds and forging new connections within the BC disc golf community. It’s a celebration – a confluence of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of the game.


"This is a special course, holes are short and you can play the entire thing without going above a speed 5 if you're so inclined. Fun course for new players with enough depth to challenge experienced ones too. Very technical. Lots of birdies if you hit your line, and very challenging scrambles if you don't. Won't satisfy your itch for huge open field drives, but this course will hammer your short game into shape in a hurry. Come for a weekend and camp nearby for an amazing disc golf trip."  - @StozeCroze



Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park - Canmore, AB

Why It's Chosen:

  • Mountain Majesty: Set against the grandeur of the Rockies, every game is a visual spectacle, intertwining sporting challenge with nature's grand display.
  • Olympic Heritage: Part of a facility built for the Winter Olympic Nordic events, the course benefits from an ambiance of competition and global excellence.
  • Demanding Design: The course's layout, echoing the contours of Nordic ski trails, offers a gameplay experience that is both challenging and rewarding.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Beyond the course, the Centre’s facilities provide players with everything necessary for a comfortable and unforgettable visit.


Nestled amidst the towering splendor of the Rocky Mountains, the Canmore Nordic Centre disc golf course offers a unique blend of competitive spirit, natural beauty, and historical reverence. As part of the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, developed for the 1988 Winter Olympic Nordic events, the course carries forward a legacy of world-class sporting excellence.

Following the sinuous trails of cross-country ski paths, the course presents challenges through its sharp elevation changes, dense woods, and precise fairways. Players find themselves engaged in a strategic ballet, considering each throw and adapting to the course's intricacies. As they chart their way through this disc golf haven, the panorama of the Rockies unfurls around them, offering views that are both humbling and awe-inspiring.

The rich Olympic heritage of the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park imbues the disc golf course with a sense of prestige. Even though the course itself came to life after the 1988 events, its ethos is undeniably influenced by the commitment to elite sport that the Centre represents. As such, it has quickly risen to be recognized as one of Alberta's premier disc golf destinations.

Further enhancing the experience, the Centre’s comprehensive amenities — from a welcoming lodge to restrooms and potable water — ensure players enjoy a seamless and memorable outing.


 "I consider this the top course in Alberta. Aspen Meadows East in Sundre is a close second. So much effort and detail has been implemented at this course. It shows through all the variety of throws required to play well here. And the course feels balanced with short technical and extremely difficult holes. A must play." - @erikfast1992



Jackfish Lake Disc Golf Course - Battlefords Provincial Park, SK

Why It's Chosen:

  • Integrated Experience: Seamlessly blending disc golf with the park's nature trails, Jackfish Lake provides an intertwined experience of sport and nature exploration.
  • Recreational Hub: From beachside relaxation to traditional golf, the surrounding amenities elevate it from a mere course to a complete recreational destination.
  • Engaging Challenges: The course’s elevation dynamics and variety in terrain keep players engaged, offering a blend of skill-based and strategic gameplay.
  • All-inclusive Getaway: Whether it’s a family vacation or a weekend with friends, the plethora of activities and amenities ensure a fulfilling and varied stay.


Situated within the vibrant confines of Battlefords Provincial Park, the Jackfish Lake Disc Golf Course stands as a beacon of multifaceted recreational excellence in Saskatchewan. It's more than just a disc golf course; it's a complete escape into nature, sport, and relaxation.

With the park's nature trails serving as its backbone, the course masterfully incorporates elevation changes and varied terrain, offering players a gameplay experience that’s as much about skill as it is about enjoying the environment. As discs fly and chains rattle, players are also immersed in the serene surroundings of Jackfish Lake, where nature’s elegance is the backdrop to every putt and drive.

Jackfish Lake isn't just about the disc; it's about the complete experience. With the park offering everything from a hotel stay to beach relaxation, from boating to a round of ball golf, every visit promises memories that go beyond the fairway. Such a harmonious blend of sport and leisure activities places it in a league of its own, not just as a disc golf destination, but as a comprehensive recreational hub.


 "I have NOTHING bad to say about this course, it’s absolutely perfect. Beautiful layout, beautiful views and a beautiful hike. I want to make a whole day of this course, picnic and everything. The secondary 18 hidden by 9/10 break area is a gem. I WILL be back to check it out as the solar lights look interesting for a glow round. I wish I lived close by. Just beautiful all the way around. Jackfish has my heart forever. Best course I’ve been to yet!" - @IronWolf



Stony Mountain DGC - Stony Mountain, MB

 Why It's Chosen:

  • Unique Terrain: Set in an old quarry, Stony Mountain presents an unmatched blend of cliffs and water hazards, transitioning seamlessly between quarry openness, vast fields, and dense trees. A game here is a multi-faceted challenge.

  • Striking Beauty: Beyond gameplay, its captivating landscapes immerse players in serene natural beauty, offering an authentic wilderness feel distinct from manicured courses.
  • A Challenge: Stony Mountain's terrain demands precision and strategy. With significant elevation shifts and ruggedness, it's a course that pushes players' boundaries.
  • Growth Potential: Though young, Stony Mountain has vast potential. With ongoing enhancements since 2022, many predict it's on track to become a premier PDGA event hub and a global disc golf attraction.


    Stony Mountain is a remarkable disc golf course set in an abandoned quarry. Many players have labeled Stony Mountain as one of the best, if not the best, course in Manitoba.

    Established in 2022, it offers players an exhilarating blend of elevation, water hazards, cliffs, open field, wooded holes and a plethora of rocks.

    Its challenging nature is repeatedly highlighted, with advice for first-timers to be prepared for a physically demanding experience. Key features include the mix of long drives in the open quarry and precise shots required in the woods. The natural beauty of the site, with its forests, bluffs, cliffs, lakes, and fossils, is a significant draw.


    "My favorite course in the Winnipeg area. Perfect mix of crushing drives and wooded technical shots. Plenty of opportunities to feel both glory and shame. With a bit more polish, this course could be an attraction for the global disc golf community."@thedavemac


    End Thoughts

    As our exploration of Western Canada's disc golf marvels comes to a close, we are reminded of the richness and diversity that this vast region offers. Each course we highlighted not only stands as a beacon for disc golf enthusiasts but also serves as an embodiment of the natural wonders and community spirit inherent to the West.

    But our journey doesn't end here. We will soon venture into the heartland of Central Canada, traverse the rugged coastlines of Atlantic Canada, and delve into the majestic wilderness of Northern Canada. Each region, with its unique blend of landscapes, history, and culture, promises to present a fresh set of disc golf treasures. Stay tuned as we continue our quest to unveil the hidden gems of disc golf across this magnificent country.

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