GoTo Disc Golf

Did you know that most disc golf accessories are shipped from overseas to the United States and then through Canada? This means that the US Distributor pays the initial tariff fees to the US government, and then passes these costs through to retailers.
If Canadian retailers purchase these items from the US Distributor, the same tariff fees must be paid to the Canadian government when these items cross the border, together with the fees charged by custom brokers. This is why Canadian retailers often price certain items such as apparel and bags, which have high tariff fees, higher than the MSRP charged by US retailers.
Additionally, if a US Distributor decides to sell its product to a sole Canadian Distributor, Canadian retailers often have to purchase these products at a higher price than US retailers because the Canadian Distributor has to account for tariff, customs brokerage and shipping fees, in addition to a mark up to ensure some profit for itself. As most people are aware, demand for disc golf discs, gear and accessories has greatly exceeded supply since Spring 2020. We have no control over when and how many disc golf products we can purchase. So we decided to take some control by purchasing some products straight from the manufacturers, beginning with our Disc Retriever and Rangefinder, through our newly created venture, GoTo Disc Golf. Since we do not have to pay twice for tariff and shipping fees, we are pleased to be able to pass on our savings to our customers.